The Sunset District

John McNicholas
Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, interviews, photos, and road trips.

Marco Corales
Drums, guitar, bass, house arranger, audio engineer, and 2 awesome dogs. Is there nothing this man cannot do?

Jim Combs
Keyboards, wisdom, a great laugh, and a sweet new Mustang. The man behind a ton of great music, including Sensitive Chaos and fellow bandmate in The Good Graces!

Jenn Downs
Bass for your face. Sorry, that was terrible. Purple hair, rocking bass, and smart as a whip. You might know her from the Internet and her other bands, The Downs and Superpill!

Kim Ware
The best grace in The Good Graces, singer of songs, banger of drums, strummer of guitars and possessor of voice, not to mention this area's biggest Hall and Oates fan.

Jules Finch
Guitars, vocals, positive vibes, brains, and the fearless ability to rock a tune she's never heard until right now, GO!

Elizabeth Elkins
Bass and politics. You might know her from everywhere. The Swear, and Granville Automatic, are her current projects, but you can bet she's always working on something new. 



The idea for the Sunset District came to me a few years ago. I wanted to do something different, not just a band, but a project based around a group of friends. Songs would be written, and shows would be played, but people could come and go as they were available. I could play some solo shows, we could play some band shows. Flexible. Fun. No pressure. No stress.

Then I really started to think about the things that I enjoyed the most about creating music and performing and more and more it was the interaction with other musicians, creative people, and the audience that those creative endeavors attracted. So, being a big fan of podcasts, I thought, "Well, we have to do one of those too!" I could talk to some people and bands I admire, take a few pics, have a few beers and just connect.

This should be fun.

Get in touch! 

 - John


The Sunset District - One Sheet

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